Add Plane Theme

I want to request to add the Plane theme to the WFC



Dark theme: GitHub - StellarG-theme/plane-theme-dark

Light theme: GitHub - StellarG-theme/Plane-Theme

(Works in Mobile)

I quite like this. My only issue is that we have a lot of themes already and we shouldn’t add too many. I’d be happy to swap this out to replace bubblegum as I think it’s a class idea! Also, with the addition of fire and ice recently, I would replace both of them with the light and dark versions if this theme (if they were to be retired atany point).

Long story short cool theme would be nice to add if space could be found.

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I agree as well, most people use Star Wars, Light mode, and Dark mode. Grey mode and Blue mode, along with Bubblegum don’t see much use

Yes. I also think bubblegum is basically the same as light theme. I do useful and ice on my iPad though.

I quite like the UI of ice and fire, except that it isn’t dark mode, so that was one of my motivations to create this theme

Yeah. I switch between the 2 but I would definitely use this if it was ever implemented so I’ll give it a vote!

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Just realising this is my first vote in 2021 on WFC haha

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You have my support, Stellar!

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Thanks @Z-Tube!

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The light mode version of this theme has been added! Moderators, please keep this open until the dark mode is added. Everyone else, feel free to remove your votes as they’re pretty much useless now. If you don’t remove, they will automatically be re-added to you once the dark version of the steam is added and this topic is closed.

@Stellar_G, The dark mode does not work on mobile. If you can do me a favor and go back, fix the mobile code for the dark mode, I will be happy to add the dark mode on!


@Stellar_G Can you also please fix the alignment to keep it on screen on mobile and if possible make the font a little bit more modern

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I’ll see what I can do

And also if there’s anything you can do regarding the header, I’m not a big fan of the reds purely because that’s not the colors of the WFC. If there’s anything you can do with blue and possibly incorporate the white version of our logo, that would be awesome

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Lastly, @Stellar_G, I can see that you used our version of the bubble gum team and edited it. The bubblegum still shows up in the background on mobile so if you can fix that, that would be great! Other than that, great job!

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I notice on iPad and iPhone you have to select “mobile” in the menu for it too work

I just used that for the box shadows (idk how to make box shadows lol), I can easily remove the circle

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Lol, Don’t sweat it! You did a great job, just those few things that you could possibly fix for me, then it will be 10 out of 10. I don’t know if there’s a way to force the dark mode logo to work, I think you have to set the background to white (with CSS) and then in the color palette that comes with it, you make the background black… I think

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I am having some problems with the light mode

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What problems?