Add "Component 2" Theme

Hey WFC, I wanted this theme to be added: GitHub - StellarG-theme/discourse-component2: Light theme, easy on the eyes, robust UI, CSS Only

The Git is under construction, but you can find the common and desktop there.

I wanted to let yall off with a preview: Discourse Theme Creator

Vote if you want this added to the WFC ^^^

I will vote once I can get a better idea of what it will look like. I like the idea though!

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This is about my final rendition, but im always open to edits

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You always have dark mode. Not bad on your eyes.


I kinda like light mode, but there can be a dark mode version of this theme

Check your formatting. When importing, I get an error that it is not a discourse theme.

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@Stellar_G if that’s the only error, I think they want you to take out the about file. If you could take that out, I could try the import again


ok sure

I took out that file, it should be fine now

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GitHub is broken. On my repository, im going to add a downloadable file, which if you put it in the theme thingy, it will work

I see nothing different than the regular theme?

Mine works fine, you have to select “from my device” than add the .zip file from GitHub

Edit: Gimme a sec, I figured out how to solve it

I did that, it looks exactly the same as normal. Nothing is different

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What I do: From Discourse Theme Creator I save the file to my device. Then I send that file to Zac and wala done

In the preview it’s a regular theme as well

Yeah i found the problem, im going fix it in the GitHub

Yeah, this is all I get on the theme creator


Me too

Hmmm, maybe the mobile theme is broken? Im changing it now