Ability To Follow People

This feature has been activated. Please do not abuse it. Do NOT share who you are following. You cannot see how many followers you have. If anything becomes a problem, it will be removed. Thanks all and enjoy the new feature!


Cool Zac. I noticed something new on our profile also.

You should. The button is there!

Sure is. And also something else.

Network is new.

@CaptainZac do we get a notification when someone follows us?

I would not think so because you can’t view how any followers you have and who is following you.

Why does it say above do not tell how many followers and stuff then? I thought it might in that case. To be honest, I don’t like this feature. That whole sentence is so savage lol.

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Network is where you can see who you’re following.

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I can make that setting available, but it would require me to allow you to see who you’re following. So no.

Ok thanks for letting me know

Do we get a notification when a person that we follow posts

Yes you do

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Really? I did not get a notification when one of the people that I am following posted a topic.

Let me look into it


Ah. I disabled them. That’s why. I’m stupid


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Can people see if you follow them? What’s the purpose of this?


You get a notification when a person you are following posts. I have gotten lots of notifications from people I am following posting.

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