Ability To “Follow” People

Hey all! I’d like to know your opinions on this. Please note that this is not the big announcement, I’m just curious if you guys would like this as an extra integration with Discourse plug-ins, which is something that was requested in our form that we did a few weeks ago. This plug-in basically gives you the ability to virtually follow people and get notifications when they post a new topic

I voted for this, cool idea


Voted. It will be a great addition


I think this would be pretty cool, but also a little unfair for some users who might feel left out not having that many followers. I also find it a weird thought as I’ve never seen this in a Discourse community.

Ah yes, another way to stalk support @ToasterStroodie :slight_smile:

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oh boy…

I’m with @Errigal on this one. While it’s a cool idea, the sense of being “left out” will arise. It’s a part of our society these days, and unfortunately, I suspect that same sense will appear here.

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no caps




I’d love this

A nice one month old bump… jk, this would actually be a good feature, maybe there should be an option it remove what number of followers you have, like in YouTube you can hide how many subs you have?

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Depends on the plugin itself.

@CaptainZac what is your opinion on this, we have 11 votes.

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I’m going to have to look into the settings of it in the preview. I don’t want the amount to be visable

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I think this would work only if the amount isn’t visible. Otherwise it is a nono from me

13 votes.

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Enabled. You cannot see who is following you or how many followers you have. If this becomes a problem, this will be removed