A220 VS A330 Badges!

As we all know, infinite flight has released the top two aircraft, by voting here, you could tell us if you would like to see A220 vs A330 badges for your user profile! Thanks!

I think you mean VS instead of VA?

I would love to see, and if they come, plz gimme a220 :wink:


Same here.

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A330 is my guy

a220 here for the fact that we need a up to date conection plane and we just got 5 widebodies.

I would love the a220

Team A220

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A220 ftw

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@CaptainZac 14 votes is a lot, isn’t that enough?

Give us time. Don’t worry

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This would be very nice indeed! :smile:


15 votes should be enough.


Please see this topic