A New Addition To The Admin Team

As most of you know, I was gone over the summer, with no communication with you all here. I am so happy to be back and be able to talk to you guys daily now, but I do think that there is someone that 100% deserves a higher position. He has worked endless hours to try to make sure that this community stays safe, he communicated with me at camp to make sure that we are making the right decisions in who to promote, and what needs to be done in certain communities situations. For that reason, I am honored to give the following moderator an admin position here at the WFC. Thank you for all that you’ve done!


is it @anon94363592

Congratulations Zack! Glad you have finally gotten to this position!

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Just why… why put the video directly in WFC instead of a link as an unlisted video on YT… for some reason it sucks for me to watch it by putting the file directly.

Finally Zack got admin lol congrats


Congratulations! Super duper well deserved!


Thank you so, so much, Zac! It was an absolute pleasure to assist in running this community since its founding and during camp, and communicating with you was the least I could do.

Oh, and how I didn’t get caught with my two extra devices was a miracle and a half.

I hope everyone had a fantastic summer, and I can’t wait to see where the WFC goes from here. :heart:


Congratulations! I thought he was an admin from the beginning lol

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Nope. :joy: Only Zac for a very long time (and I mean long) time. Now Zac, Sagi, and Zack are the admins while Adrian, John, Juegos, Royce, Danny, Gabriel, and me are stuck as the regular mods. :sob::sob::sob: lol We don’t care about it and are happy for Zack to finally become a admin.


Uhhhhh……. Two? And you told me that just now? You only told me you had one extra device… So that means you had a total of three devices at camp? Anyway, you deserve that position and I’m so happy to give it to you!


something else was a miracle too :smirk:


Oh no, you’re back… Just kidding. Happy to hear from you again after a few months!


I was waiting for that video to load for hours now and still not working #sob

Apart from that by the look of the replies it looks like @anon94363592 went over the top. Congrats Zack and now its time for us cough cough staff to get back and have a look at the most interesting PM on WFC.


Hail Blackpink!!