A forever goodbye

Hello everyone.

I have had some events happen recently in my life, and I am no longer able to sustain my availability here. Because of this, I have decided it’s time for me to retire.

I have loved every single minute of being on the community, and being part of the staff for slightly over 2 years.Since December of 2020 when I was first made a mod, to January 14 when I was re-instated as a mod, to June 12 when I was made an admin, I have loved it. I have loved the ups and downs, and I have loved working with all of you. You all have meant so much to me, and a big part of the last 2 years for me was spent on this community.

Zac, Zack (no longer here) and Sagi, you both have helped make this community possible. Without you, the WFC never would have become what it is today.

Mods, you matter a lot more than you think to the community. Without your presence here, the WFC would have crumbled into nothing ages ago. You are the main reason why this place is still what it was when it was created.

Community members, you make the WFC what it is. The mods keep it in line, but you make it is what it is. The culture you bring into the forum isn’t seen anywhere else. Yeah, the IFC is very diverse, but most people just have the same mindset there. Here however, everyone single opinion is welcomed, and thought about. This is what makes the community special. The mods and admins created this, but you give it life.

Once again, I have absolutely loved being part of this adventure, and you matter so much to me. Thank you for this experience.

I love y’all. :v:t3:


nooo :sob::sob:

However as Z_Tube said,
‘All Good things must come to an end’

It was a pleasure talking to you here and I hope we can talk again in the future


dibs on your mod spot

just kidding. It was nice seeing you here. Wish you success on your future endeavors :cry: :cry:


this is z_tube reacting to when I told him @Zach is an admin


we’re going to miss you :disappointed:


If y’all want to stay in touch with me, these are what you can use.
Personal Insta: zphopkins19
Spotting Insta: sat_spotting
Snapchat: zhopkins07


wait no shot you go to reagan

we will miss you


I remember the first thing Zach said to me was “Yo.” I now use that whenever I introduce myself to someone. I never really though of Zach as a mod, but more as someone just chilling and having a good time. Breaks my heart to see you go, you will be missed by all <3


The thing about the unexpected events is that they should almost be expected in a way.

Similar to how you dropped into our PM group one day along with .PNG

So long, perhaps the current events will lighten up one day


:joy: That’s awesome to hear that I influenced you.

This is truly awesome to hear. That is exactly what I was striving for. In my opinion, acting as myself would have the biggest impact on the community, and it turns out I was right.


You can’t leave me here with @PlanesAndGames

jk lol


Don’t worry, you’re on good hands :smiling_imp:


We will miss you


Zach, it’s sad to see you leave. You’ve made a huge impact on my time in this forum and always gave us a good laugh. Thank you for your contributions to this community, and we hope to see you on other platforms.


Ok bye

oml so…u brought me here, and u leaving me behind - that’s sad

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