A Community Announcement | New Moderator, Continuation Of Conversion Back to WFC1

As we all know, Zack unfortunately had to leave the community due to some personal undertakings. Without a doubt he will be very missed. We know replacing someone is hard and it’s not something we want to do, but even him himself has asked us to make sure we keep this community going.

The decision of who to pick was also something Zack was involved in as well. For us, we knew there were someone who we can count on. He has always been there, always been around, and he deserves this position. We love all of you, but this person has been in our community for so long, and has gone above and beyond to show responsibility, commitment, and personality.

Our plan is to continue, as always to create an inclusive environment that will allow everyone to have their voice heard on (almost) every topic. WFC1. We are confident that with some of the new community involvement strategies that we are putting into place, we will be able to make this community even stronger.

I think, activity permitting and whatever I may have in store for the next couple days, that we will be launching a bit of another competition. A lot of you love trivia. A lot of you love Globle. We’re putting it together and that’s all I’ll say from here.

So, myself along with the rest of the staff at the World Flying Community would like to officially welcome @KGJT-9149 to the moderation team.



@KGJT-9149 congrats colouradoan

dont ban me kthxbye

P.S : dont EVER let @lhr_pilot get mod


Well that’s the funny thing, he can do that now.


he can’t

hes chief of regulars still


wait nevermind

damn it


After a gazillion years of injustice, congrats @KGJT-9149!


Haha, too bad.

thats cool and all, but whos gonna be the next chief of regulars?

You see, at the top levels of the WFC, strong consideration is given to those who provide us with…“financial incentives”



Congrats @KGJT-9149! I’m looking forward to working with you on the team!


aka money

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Ah, you are mistaken, we do not accept those who try and give us money, that is called Bribery. See, we only accept “financial incentives”


invests in WFC

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World Flying Coins.

WFC is actually a publicly-traded stock confirmed?!

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Since the big bang, you didn’t know?

@KGJT-9149 :clap: :clap::clap:

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when you mentioned me, I got excited for a second :rage:

Congratulations to @KGJT-9149 though

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