A Change To The ATC Category

Hi everyone! We’ve had recent discussions with some people about how we can improve this community, and one of those recommendations was to improve the real life aviation aspect here. Of course, we still love off-topic chatter, but real life aviation is also something that we are interested in.

Starting today, the ATC category will be getting a total refurbishment. It has been very inactive, so we are pleased to announce that @Baba will become a category moderator, and an advocate to get real life ATC controllers on the forum, as well as IFATC controllers. We are so excited to enter this new chapter in the ATC category, and we hope you come along with us!

If you are an IFATC controller, feel free to go ahead an request access to the @IFATC group, which will give you access to talk in an exclusive IFATC chat, as well as the ability to ask for help and support while controlling if needed.

- WFC Moderation Team


Thanks for the opportunity @CaptainZac!

It’s here the start of a cool journey, thanks!

Do not hesitate to ask me question about ATC or IFATC!


Me who has never seen @Baba on this forum till now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I haven’t either…:woozy_face:

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Hey, i was already in this forum since Nov 2020, but i was a bit busy with school and covid and i was not a lot connected. I came to Zac to request help creating a forum regarding ATC & IFATC but they have said me that if i want i can do that on the WFC in the ATC category and becoming a ATC Category moderator. I would like to say sorry for my inactivity.

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Yes ?

Nice response time

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Me liking your naming