A Brief Reminder on Community Expectations

Hi, all.

It sucks that we have to make such an announcement, but it must be done.

For those of you who don’t know, last night, a group of Infinite Flight Community TL3s and TL4s joined our forum. They intended to lighten the mood and provide some entertainment, which happened… at first.

Unfortunately, things went too far. Users turned their backs on one another, broke trust, and made offensive remarks.

While we encourage users to have fun and enjoy their time here, that is not to be done at the expense of others.

Another thing that I’d like to cover publicly is bashing the actions of others on third-party platforms. While everyone has their own story and is entitled to share their opinions, it must be done respectfully.

How would you feel if you ran a company and a group of people criticized every move? Probably not too thrilled, right? Well, that’s how some individuals from a particular company feel. It’s important to remember that they’re human, too. We all have feelings. :slight_smile:

This topic is not to shame anyone, rather a reminder to obey the WFC Guidelines and use common sense when replying to both public topics and private messages. It’s also a reminder for our moderation team to take care of things the moment they happen—we are partly responsible for letting things get to where they did.

As always, everyone’s presence on our forum is greatly appreciated. This was a learning experience for all of us, so you all can relax—nothing is going to happen to any account on the respective forums.

My inbox is open if you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries regarding the events that transpired last night or this topic.

On behalf of the WFC Moderation Team,