787 or 777

Easy one for me, as I dislike the 787.

  • 787
  • 777

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787 just because of the cockpit

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787 all the way. The wings. :heart_eyes:

Both are equally trash.

I disagree

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What on earth did you just say?


I flew on a UA 777-200 (not ER) a few months ago and absolutely hated it. The cabin was cigarette stain color brown, the windows were tiny and wouldn’t shut very well, there was a support leg under the seat that made it impossible to fit both feet underneath it with my backpack and camera bag down there too and the gap on the other side of the bar was slightly to small to fit my size 11s in between. Also, the wing was just a massive sheet of chrome and believe me, I’m happy I had had my Oakleys with me because the reflection on approach to DEN was awful.

On the other hand, when I flew on a UA 787-8 a few years ago, I thought it was the best thing in the world. The seats were comfortable, the window tint was nice, the cabin was a clean white color, I had plenty of legroom in economy, and the IFE screens were still there.

What route was this?


This is like A350 v A330

The 777 sounds really cool but the 787 is just way more cleaner and modern

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Oh, well it was a domestic 772

787!!! :heart_eyes::fire:

Don’t get me wrong, the 777 is still a great aircraft but what Boeing did with the 787 is truly remarkable. Hopefully we see similar success in their upcoming projects (NMA and FSA)!

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Very much a domestic 772. It was a full flight and I bet there was probably 280 people in economy. High density at it’s finest.

eh, I don’t really count that. Perhaps if you were on an international / Polaris configuration would make for a better comparison :slight_smile:

I count it as valid seeing as both flights were domestic journeys, plus it’ll quite some time before I ever travel outside of the US (not due to covid, just because we do road trips instated).

I mean, the 787 is always configured International though


True, but you do you, and I’ll do me.

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One reason for my 772 favs is that for American the 772 has better business class than the 787.