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Hello all,

Ive managed to secure a 737 cockpit, but in my course i also need to learn diamond 42 and piper warrier 3. I will be using prosim737 software for my cockpit. Can anyone advise what other software to use with a 737 cockpit simulator please that i can use diamond 42 and piper warrier 3 in? I know this question is probably stupid and obvious to you but i really want expert advice. If it cant be done it cant be done but if theres a way then i would like some advice please as i am open to all suggestions. Thank you everyone.

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I don’t think anyone on this forum could really other thanprobably @CaptainZac could. The smartest person Ik

Uh, no… all he does is play Infinite Flight… he doesn’t know anything about flight simulators…

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Maybe @KGJT-9149 is the best person to answer this

  1. I have MSFS
  2. I have no idea about this topic lmao

@nightt could help too


Bruh since when?!

Like 2 years

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Yea, or @Alec and @Blitz especially.

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Then what you doing in IF. :skull: :flooshed:

I have no clue.

I fly with a xbox controller


B r u h .

I’ve flown in a full 737 cockpit sim but never really seen how they hook up the systems and stuff so I’d be no help lol

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