5 Things you should do in a flight simulator

So here’s one the best things you should do in a flight sim, enjoy!

  1. Play with a joystick: Playing using a joystick or yoke gives you a more realistic experience while playing, almost all flight simulators have the option to connect a joystick, if not, there might be an add-on!

  2. Using a head tracker: This gives you a more realistic experience, I personally use SmoothTrack. There are many others, but for 10 dollars you can buy an amazing head tracker and you don’t need to buy anything more!

  3. Flying with friends: Flying with friends is always fun, you can do formation flights, group flights and more cool things. If you don’t have friends, or they can’t play with you because they don’t like aviation or they don’t have a flight simulator, you can always make new friends in this and other forums.

  4. Host/join events: Attending to events is always amazing, you meet people and fly with them! You can also take amazing screenshots of that flight and post them.

  5. Create/Join a virtual airline: I love virtual airlines, I am the Chief Pilot in Avianca Virtual in Infinite Flight. Thanks to virtual airlines I’m here posting this, in a VA you can make many friends, and learn a lot from everyone!

And that’s it!

I really hope you like this topic, happy landings!



The gif distracted me from the content of your topic. :eyes:


The gif is…


I would but it’s expensive



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I don’t have any of these

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most importantly, NEVER FLY TO NEWARK!

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It should be finding bugs​:joy::joy::joy: and try some weird airports

Also litterly only payed attention to the GIF