31OCT20/1600Z - Saturday Hub Group Flight! - @KMIA-KJFK


Saturday Hub Groupflight!

Join me as we go to Saturday’s Hub Miami and fly up to Long Island! This flight was chosen by you and your fellow community members! Our flight flight clocks in at 3hours, a short and sweet flight!

I hope to see you there!

  • Aircraft and Livery : 77W, American

  • Route : :flight_departure: Miami :beach_umbrella: - :flight_arrival: New York :statue_of_liberty:

  • Time of Departure : → 2020-10-31T16:00:00Z

  • Server : Expert server - Infinite Flight Pro

  • Additional Information:

Altitude: Step-climbing, more info will be given in a PM!
Speed: 230/285/.83 (set A/P to .84)

This will also be posted on the IFC first thing in the morning (2020-10-31T13:30:00Z)


  • I won’t be responsible for any violations,
  • please respect the controllers (IFATC)
  • have fun!

Members list:

Members list:


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