3 Facts you didn’t know about Arizona

1st- Arizona has the largest Nuclear Power Plant in the U.S called Polo Verde, it serves over 60% of the electricity in Arizona!

2nd- We have 7 passenger airports, 2 in Phoenix, 1 in Flagstaff, Page, Prescott, Tucson, and Yuma.

3rd-Arizona does get snow, Flagstaff is one of the city’s that gets the most snow in the U.S, and sometimes Phoenix can get snow too!

This is in Phoenix

This is in Flagstaff


Typical high desert

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Nope, we have some flat areas.

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They definitely get more snow than I do here in Colorado. Last year I drove through there to Scottsdale, and while it was 60°F and sunny at my house, we were driving through a blizzard in Flagstaff.

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Sorry that’s funny lol

Didn’t know about Flagstaff getting some of the most snow that’s interesting


Well I’m sorry we’re 5 times smaller (and better) than California

We have a lot of pax airports for our state


That’s debatable

Mmmmm not really

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40 million would beg to differ :man_shrugging:

All of whom seem to be moving to Colorado for some reason.

I don’t know anyone moving to Colorado lol

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I know a lot of people moving to Arizona :smirk:

I actually agree. No offense Californians


Not getting into politics but I have my own beliefs on that lol

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Bruh. It proves my point

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No it doesn’t lol

Yes it does

Yeah noteallytho


Well, Arizona has everything except for an Ocean, that’s it.