26OCT20 / 09:00Z The Most Difficult Airport To Land At @VHHX


Look at this. This airport is very dangerous, very close to the city. Do you want to try a dangerous approach? Let’s try.

This airport haven’t listed in any ATC schedule. The airport closed in 1996. This airport was an epic airport.
Cargo: 1560000 tones
Passenger: 29,500,000

Cargo (to 1996): no.1 in the world
Passenger (to 1996): no 3 in the world


  • Infinite Flight
  • SERVER: training
  • Time: 6:00 Zulu to 7:00 Zulu
  • Use old plane(No A350,787,A380,737-900)
  • Recommend Aircraft: B777, B747, MD11 and A330
  • Airline: Cathay Pacific, United airline, Korean air

Departure chart: N/A
Arrival chart: N/A


Hope you can fly with me!!

Can anyone join :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Perhaps maybe not make an event last minute to give others some time. Also, please use the Group Flights category for this next time :slight_smile: