25DEC20 / 1600Z - Unpopular Airport flyout! @ VMMC

Hi. In this event, we will fly to some cold airport in Asia. It is VMMC!!

It located in Macau, China. This airport has one Runway, 34 and 16.

Hub: Air Macau

There are 24 parking spaces for aircraft in the apron, with 5 [jetways]. There are 10 gates

Server : Training Server
Airport: VMMC

Time: 25DEC20
15:45z Spawn in
15:50z start up engines
15:55z Line up at RW 33
16:00 Takeoff one by one


Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Flight Time Pilot
Gate 1 ZGNN A321 Air Macau 2 hours @Fung_Sum-sum
Gate 2 ZGOW A321 Air Macau 50 mins
Gate 3 ZSAM A321 Air Macau 1:10
Gate 4 ZUUU A321 Air Macau 2:25
Gate 5 ZSPD A321 Air Macau 2:35
Gate 6 VTBD A320 Air Asia 2:45 @Blitz
Gate 7 VTSV A320 Air Asia 3 hours
Gate 8 RKSI A321 Air Macau 4 hours
Gate 9 RJGG 77W Qatar 8 hours @Adrian_K1

*Use generic livery on Air Macau

Hope you all can join!! 25DEC20 / 1600Z - Unpopular Airport flyout! @ VMMC


Hey! Unfortunately I can’t join

Oh no problem

Unfortunately that’s Christmas Day.

But I hope you and others have fun!

Beautiful event! I have a lot of family members from Macau and I lived here for 8 months back in 2017! I visit this city every summer (not including this one) as well!

Sign me up for that AirAsia flight to VTSD. I will be departing Christmas morning after opening my presents it looks like :joy:

^ And I saw the one you created of IFC, add me to that when it’s recreated ^

You’re a moderator, you know you could do that

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I forgot about that :eyes:

I will sign up as gate 1

Sign me up

I don’t know why I can’t

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OK np bro

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@Blitz can you help me to edit the post? @Adrian_K1 wants to sign in gate 9

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Done. :grin:

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