24DEC22/1700Z - Testing the Limits: Holiday Rush Edition

After a successful first event run back in 2021, its time to test the outer limits of the E175 once again, but with higher stakes…

The date is Christmas Eve 2022 and your flight has already been sold out, all your passengers need to go from New York LaGuardia (KLGA) to Los Angeles (KLAX) with a fuel stop in between at Northwest Arkansas National Airport (KXNA). Both your flights will have 76 passengers on board, all needing to get to their families in Los Angeles before Santa Comes to deliver the children of California their presents.

Can you complete the challenge? Only time will tell…

Route Details


Aircraft: American Eagle E175

Server: Expert

Flight time: Approximately 5 hours


There will be no gate assignments for this event. If you want to join, comment below!


Back in 2021, I landed at XNA from LAX with only 15 minutes of fuel left, now the winds are against you, and you have passengers in the back. This route stretches the other limits of the range for the E175, and your passengers are counting on you!

We’ll see you on Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas!


Brings the insult “commiefornia” to a whole new level :skull:

I would join if I had a sub :smiling_face_with_tear: