20DEC22| Group flight on the AA B772! KMIA-KJFK

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to do a flight on the B772, so why not do a route I haven’t done since 2021, KMIA-KJFK! Using the American livery!

Airlines you can use: JetBlue, American, Delta

Aircraft you can use: B738, B739, B772, B77W, A223, A320, A321

Time: 2022-12-21T01:20:00Z, please spawn 10 minutes before to make things realistic, if you are flying a widebody please spawn 20 minutes before, thank you!

More info: This flight will take place on the training server, please follow ATC instructions if ATC is active. Remember I am not responsible for any violations. Please copy my FPL at the gate, and spawn at whatever realistic gate you would like. Just to make things easier, I will make an ATIS chart about KMIA airport once I get info on it tommorow. This flight will take up to 2 1/2 hours to complete, but mostly importantly, have fun!

I hope you all can join and have a great rest of your day everyone!


Flight is today!

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