2022 // A Spotting Year in Review

I know we’re already weeks into 2023, but I guess I should do one of these. Each picture is my favorite picture I took in each month of the year. Thank you guys for following along this year in my spotting journey!

Starting us off in the pre-season of my golf season, we hit indoors at the golf course right next to the airport. Luckily, 26L was in operation that day, and I was able to see Thank You for the first time in real life!

As the lighting got pretty good, I went to the airport in amazing sun to catch some windy 26L ops, I got this 717 while standing on the rocks by the pavilion! This is the last month the lighting will be good for a while

My first AA special of the year goes to this beauty America West heading down to Phoenix on a cold March evening, unfortunately, this flight leaves too late to be able to see

My Christmas gift in 2021 was a spotting trip with Cape Air down to ORD. Shooting through the hotel window with a camera that loves to hate me was tough, but I was able to somewhat salvage this United 77W heading off for Tokyo

Golf season, no photos

That day, a total of 9 different A-10s visited GRR, I was lucky enough to be out there to catch 5 of them! Here was have the 122nd wing reentering the pattern, then heading back home to Fort Wayne, Indiana

Trip 1 to Dallas of this year, after a stressful travel day, and getting into DAL 4 hours late, I got this shot of Allegheny later that evening. This guy is about to land on 17C after a flight from Montreal

In August I got a new camera. To honor that, this is the first plane I saw with this camera, a Delta A321 from Minneapolis, Minnesota

As I moved into my 3rd season of tennis, I only got to the airport once, I at least got to see ex Delta, USA Jet MD-88 coming in from Ypsi

Another trip during my tennis season, this just a few days after winning our region and moving to states! K finally caught a Southwest max, this one off for Denver, Colourado

Although it might have not been the best lighting, some clouds rolled in just as this guy landed. Canyon Blue in this photo is only 3 days old! Having just entered service earlier that week, finally coming in from Chicago Midway Slamport

Finally, to round out this wonderful new year of spotting is my all time favorite, Yam Dreaming coming into Dallas from Sydney, Australia.


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