2020 Being... 2020

something happened each month that was bad uh






shrek :haircut_woman:

jingle bells, batman smells



stuck inside

and uh

mr. orange skin

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Medial epicondyle, it’s in the elbow

another recession here :frowning:

Do you mean


Let me list em:

  1. The year began (duh)
  2. Got a boyfriend
  3. Broke up after 3 months
  4. CORONA!
  5. Got promoted at FDXVA
  6. Taylor Swift released folklore
  7. FDXVA shut down :cry:
  8. FDXVA came back!
  9. Taylor Swift released another album
  10. My depression returns :ghost:

As much of an orange man as he may be, let’s not talk about this for now. As per my rule here


My mom caring if I catch covid is annoying we almost cancelled a camping trip to redfish lake because my mom was worried about covid its so annoying. I mean the death rate in children is 0.01 percent.


My list

  • Year starts
  • My school planes a grade 9 school trip like every year
  • Covid hits
  • Trip canceled
  • ViRtUaL cLaSs
  • I remember IF exists
  • Join the IFC
  • Meet Tunamkol
  • Join LYVA
  • Invited to become staff at AYVA
  • AYVA becomes approved
  • Join IFAET
  • My great grandfather dies
  • Start editing for the IFAET
  • My grandmother discovers she has cancer
  • Become CEO at AYVA
  • Start the IFATC recruiting
  • Today

3 worse, although the 1st is less serious

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Just because the death rate is low doesn’t mean it’s zero. Also, I would not be concerned about you, I’d be concerned about people much older that could get really sick from it. Older people have a very good chance of passing from it so it is very important that you stay safe as if you come in to contact with old people whether you mean it or not, they could die. I don’t want to be TOO serious, but you do got to take these precautions and your mom has a very good point.

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@CaptainZac well im never around old people but my mom was specifically concerned about ME getting it.

My dad is a doctor and he says that there’s no reason to worry about children getting it. There’s pretty much no reason to think that a child will die unless they have breathing or asthma issues.


im gonna go tell me mom that.

That’s entirely true, but the thing is children can carry it and be asymptomatic, meaning they have it and can spread it but not be sick. That’s when it becomes a problem, because you or I could have it and give it to someone older and they’d get sick, but we wouldn’t. Just wear a mask and it can all be avoided lol :laughing:

I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope she has a quick and speedy recovery.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Let’s see here:

January: I go see an annual light’s festival, really nice place

January: I win my School’s Geography Bee

February: I qualify for State level Geography Bee

February: My Neighbor dies

March: I get ready for our Spring Concert in Orchestra

March: Spring Concert is Cancelled

March: Class trip to Washington D.C is cancelled

March: Geography Bee is cancelled

March: School is cancelled through Spring Break

April: I join back on IFC again for nearly a year

April: School is cancelled for the rest of the year

April: My Graduation is moved back several weeks

May: I Re-Join my first VA, UVAL

May: My Vacation for June is cancelled

May: Graduation is Cancelled

June: Start working on my VA

July: My Birthday, nothing else much

August: I travel to my homestate of Virginia, my first time on a plane in over a year

August: School begins, virtual of course

September: I apply for IFATC

October: ALVA gets approved

October: I get confirmed (pushed back from March)

November: Join WFC

November: Neighbor dies…again

December: I become an IFATC Apprentice

December: I become an IFATC Specialist

December: Family starts planning for Hawaii in June of 2021

And yeah, that is my year in a nutshell!


All the best for next year!

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here we go. mine doesnt have any death luckily.

January. We go to the potato drop
January. Covid is public but I dont care
January. I join the IFC
February. Covid gets worse but I still dont care
March. I discover I have an allergy (non severe)
March. we get our first case of covid in idaho
March. School is cancelled
March. We get a 6.5 magnitude earthquake
April. Boredom and walks near the river
April. We get a severe thunderstorm with 61mph winds
April. I start watching Pecos Hank
May. More boredom
June. Birthday happens
June. Covid restrictions are relaxed
July. I go to redfish lake
July. I celebrate fourth of july driving back from redfish and setting off fireworks
July. I get invited to go on an introduction flight with a local mission aviation center
August. I go hiking and school starts
September. I go on a CAP orientation flight
September. I fly to texas
October. I fly back from texas
October. Halloween happens
November. We get out first snow
November. it melts
November. I go with my dad thanksgiving day to cut down a tree but we come down empty handed
December. I go up into the mountains again and we have to drag our christmas tree for 1 mile at altitude
Today. on a computer.


Oh yeah, I forgot that my trip to Paris was cancelled :confused:

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