2020 Being... 2020

You all know what this is about. Post stuff about 2020 that just is suitable for this year

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My goodness

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Tough, challenging, dedication, hard work, boredom, quarantine. A year that no one will ever forget but hopefully 2021 gives us some better vibes.

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Hard to do without getting political… which is wrong on it’s own

Good point lol

When I thought 2020 would be great but slowly got worse and worse

Let me just say what happened to me in 2020.

  1. Got a new house

  2. My pet died

  3. Got another pet

  4. Had a break up

  5. Came back with my ex and broke up again after 2 days

  6. Was concerned abt coronavirus and wildfires of Australia

  7. Kobe Bryant died and it felt so bad

  8. Found love again

  9. Started my dream (AFLV)

  10. Joined WFC!!!

  11. Found my best friend in WFC (you already who)

  12. AFLV got approved.

@CaptainZac you may also know some things that happened to me!!




Quarantine got me into playing infinite flight and I do not regret it

:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:my goodness

Let’s see,

  • Went backcountry snowboarding like 10 times
  • Had no school for 6 months
  • Went to Arizona
  • Went DH biking every weekend
  • Got my driver’s permit
  • Went to Maine
  • Bought a ton of new snowboarding gear
  • Bought a car (for $700)
  • Dropped out of half my classes at school (to take them elsewhere)
  • Went snowboarding 5 times since Aspen opened

I don’t want Amtrak to retire the Superliners. They’re already starting to retire the Amfleets, and they’re retiring the Acela Express. At least they got replaced by a hot new TGV.


same thing but in another city
i will just tell agin


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Actually no

Let’s seee

  • wrote exams in bangalore
  • grandfather got admitted in hospittal for 2 months
  • so had to leave my house for 2 weeks( that is what i thought)
  • quarantine/lockdown ( now in chennai for an indefinte amount of time)
  • grandfather got released in June
    but i was stuck still september
  • then came back to bangalore after 9 months
  • pet fish died
  • got new pet cockroach
  • and now exams

Worth a shot


Say what now?


My goodness. Lol :rofl::disappointed::rofl::rofl::disappointed::rofl::disappointed::rofl::black_heart::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::disappointed::rofl::rofl: