2 year old pic i only uploaded now 🤞

Hey yall, back in October of 2022 I took this picture of a 747-8F at PHNL!

Now I am uploading it to airliners.net if anyone even uses that

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Don’t think it will get accepted, but still pretty cool.

Also, noticing your name, do you have any minidog pictures?

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you bet i do!

so we have N699HA, ex HA DC-9 still preserved for a aviation technical college

and a absolutely shït quality 717-200

i love iPhone quality lmao


Ooh very cool pictures, I saw one of those 717s in Miami I think.

Eh, not really a problem, phone pictures do get accepted, it’s just that the angle isn’t good enough.

ohhh these?


Nope, not a 717. I saw a Hawaiian 717 at Miami.

oh wait i remember that, it was when hawaiian had one go to Air Tran and then come back, it flew into MIA in hawaiian colors for maintenance


My picture, April 2015.

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Was in HNL at that exact same spot and caught an almost identical photo lol


Lol you’re the person in the corner of the image right?

Nah that isn’t me lol

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Could be a place where Hawaiian gets (used to get) some 717 maintenance done

Edit: found a link that supports this theory, with a 717 there for maintenance back in 2010 Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 717 Jet Editorial Photo - Image of hawaiian, plane: 21936771

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