13DEC20 / 1430Z - The First Official World Flying Community Event @KEWR

World Flight Community First Official Flyout

Newark Liberty International Airport (KEWR)

Moderators: @CaptainZac @Z-Tube @CPT_HILD @Zhopkins @Austrian001 @ToasterStroodie @MJP_27

Date: 2020-12-13T15:30:00Z
Simulator: Infinite Flight (Expert Server)

Welcome to the first official WFC flyout. This is in honor of my birthday! This will happen on my birthday, and I am really excited to see as many of you there as possible! I am choosing Newark because it’s a very important airport to me. As much hate as I Newark, I do have a lot of family members there. Not just family members, also plenty of friends from the infinite flight community, as well as from here, @Z-Tube and @Pingu. This airport also means a lot to me, because my family lives up here, and I have not seen them in a really long time, so to honor that, I will be flying out from Newark. I will not be reserving a gate yet for me, because I will have to see how my birthday timeframe looks like. I know that I’ll be able to make it, I just don’t know if the long-haul or short haul will be better for me. As it being my birthday, it will also be about my six month anniversary of constant posting on the Infinite Flight community. I didn’t get really involved with it until quarantine started, and started getting really involved in June. I first signed up in May 2019, but never really used it until quarantine. I am so excited to see all of you there, and as I wish myself a happy birthday!


Terminal A
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
A10 Air Canada Montreal-Trudeau E175
A11 Air Canada Toronto Pearson E175 @Nugget
A12 JetBlue Los Angeles A321
A14 JetBlue San Francisco A321
A15 JetBlue Fort Lauderdale A320 @Aviation2929
A16A JetBlue West Palm Beach A320
A16B JetBlue Las Vegas A320
A17 JetBlue Boston E190
A18 Air Canada Vancouver 787-9 @Canadian_Aviator
A20 United Express Nashville E175
A21 United Express Savannah E170
A22 United Express Charlotte E170
A23 United Express Minneapolis E170
A24 United Express Norfolk E175
A25 United Express Washington Regan E175
A26 United Express Baltimore E175
A26X United Express Cincinnati E175
A27 United Express Pittsburgh E170
A28 Porter Toronto Billy Bishop Q400 @Errigal
A30 JetBlue Sarasota A320
A31 American Miami 737-800 @USA_ATC
A32 American Charlotte 737-800 @CPT_HILD
A33 American Dallas Fort Worth 737-800 @Mazyad
A34 American Chicago A320
A35 Alaska San Francisco A320
A36 Alaska Los Angeles 737-800
A37 Alaska San Diego 737-800
A38 Alaska Seattle-Tacoma 737-900
A39 Alaska Portland 737-900
Terminal B
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
B40 Frontier West Palm Beach A320
B41A Frontier Miami A320
B41B Frontier Atlanta A320
B42 El Al Tel Aviv 787-10
B44 Virgin Atlantic London Heathrow 787-9
B45 Delta Atlanta 737-900
B46A SAS Copenhagen A330
B46B Allegiant Fort Walton Beach A320
B47 Frontier Chicago A320
B51 Frontier Denver A320
B52 British Airways London Heathrow A350
B53 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong A350 @CaptainZac
B54 Singapore Airlines Singapore A350
B55 Frontier Fort Myers A320
B56 Emirates Dubai 777-300
B57 Icelandair Keflavik 757-200
B60 Spirit Fort Lauderdale A321
B61 TAP Portugal Lisbon A330
B62 Lufthansa Frankfurt A350
B63 LOT Warsaw 787-8
B64 Ethiopian Addis Ababa 787-8
B65 Air China Beijing 787-9
B66 Air India Mumbai 787-8
B67 British Airways London City A318
B68A Aer Lingus Dublin A330
Terminal C
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
C70 United Charlotte A320
C71W United London Heathrow 767-300
C72 United San Diego 737-900
C73 United Phoenix A319
C74 United Miami 737-900
C75 United São Paulo 777-300
C80 United Los Angeles 787-10 @Pingu
C81 United Chicago 737-900
C82 United West Palm Beach A320 @Z-Tube
C83 United Fort Myers 737-800
C84 United Fort Lauderdale 737-800
C85 United Seattle A320
C86 United Chicago 737-900
C87 United Washington Dulles 737-900
C88 United Orange County 757-200
C90W United Frankfurt 777-200
C92W United Honolulu 767-300
C94 United Denver 757-200
C95 United Tampa A320
C96 United Houston 737-900
C97 United Minneapolis A319
C98 United Hong Kong 777-200 @Adrian_K
C99 United San Francisco 757-200
C101 United West Palm Beach A320
C102 United Lisbon 767-300 @anon38930851
C103 United Saint Martin 737-700
C104 United Aruba 737-900
C105 United San Juan 737-800
C106 United Fort Lauderdale 757-200
C107 United Montego Bay 737-900
C108W United Mumbai 777-300
C109 United Orlando 757-200 @EdCruz
C110W United Paris 777-200
C111W United Shanghai 777-300
C112W United Barcelona 777-200
C113 United Porto 757-200
C114 United San Francisco 757-200 @anon7588924
C115 United Tampa 737-700
C120W United Rome 787-10
C122W United Madrid 767-300
C123W United Tel Aviv 787-10
C124 United Salt Lake City 737-800
C125W United Brussels 787-9
C126W United Geneva 787-9
C128W United Tokyo 777-300
C130A United Atlanta 737-700
C131 United Dallas Fort Worth 737-700


Wonderful I’ll definitely make sure to snag a gate!

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First! I would love this sorry i did not see this Happy Birthday Zac! :partying_face:

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All yours! Welcome to the event

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Can I have this gate please :slight_smile:


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I’ll take this! Wait… I can edit it myself. :smirk:

Happy (early) birthday, Zac! It’s an honor to be here, can’t wait to celebrate!

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And I can edit this myself (use the right here next time lol) and thank you!

It’s 7:30am, gimme a break! :joy:

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Lol. Rise and shine.

This please! Happy early Birthday!

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Can I take a flight to Los Angeles in a 787-10?

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I might join not sure YET

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I will come!!

Also make a official events tab.

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Can I take gate B56?

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Yes you may. :blush:


Anyone else for the event?

This one please!

Can I have this one?

No, it is already taken