12AUG21/1500Z - Embraer ONLY @KSAT

Hey everyone! So if I can get people to join this group flight you will be seen on my topic on the IFC for Embraer.
Simulator: Infinite Flight
Plane: Any Embraer plane
Server: Expert or Training depending on people coming.
Time: 2021-08-12T15:00:00Z2021-08-12T16:00:00Z
Cruising Altitude: FL220
Cruising Speed: Your discretion.
I would appreciate it if you could join. I’ll spawn in a few minutes early that way I can get the flight plan in so just copy it from me.


Maybe @DeltaDev13

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I could go, but only for the departure, cause I have tennis at 12

That’s fine and it should be only about a 40 minute flight.

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I may join, though I can’t be absolutely sure.

If I do, I will most likely be flying a 170 or 175.

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spawns in a crj

I would join, but I start school tomorrow :pleading_face:

That’s sad.

That’s totally fine!

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Anymore signups?