10 Clues: Aviation Edition!

Welcome to the 10 Clues game, but aviation edition! This is a game that I kind of came up with, so here are the rules:

  1. Somebody that goes initially gives one clue about what they are thinking of
  2. Every five minutes, a new clue will be given out
  3. Clues will be consistently given until somebody guesses correctly or you have given 10 clues
  4. If no new clues are given out after an hour, somebody else can take a turn
  5. Each person is allowed only two guesses per clue. This means at most 20 guesses per round per person.
  6. You must be able to guess the correct answer suing only the 10 clues
  7. Whoever guesses correctly first wins!

Here is an example:

  • This aircraft was a joint cooperation between two European countries
  • This aircraft was one of teh last passenger airliners to require a flight engineer
  • Only Air France and British Airways operated this aircraft
  • It was a supersonic jet

The answer would be Concorde. You would continue like that until it was guessed or 10 clues were given out.

I will start, here is teh first clue!

It is an airport that is located in the United States


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No idea yet



Next clue: this airport is named after a person

Boston Logan?

General Mitchell International?


Next clue: the airport has two active runways

John Wayne airport?

Walker Field unlikely, but why not?

Neither of those! I will get a new clue in a second

There is one international carrier operating to this airport.

No idea

Ronald Reagan Airport


Next clue: might give it away

The international carrier there is Aer Lingus

Bradley Hartford

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Yep that’s it! Your turn now :slight_smile:

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Darn it I was about to type

Ok, an airport that is based in the United States



No, it’s known to be busy for international flights



It was at one point the busiest airport in the world

Atlanta duh

No, it’s specifically known for transpacific travel