1 month of DeltaEnjoyer in the Word Flying Community! [CLOSED]

Hello there! This it’s my first event! 30th April, will be 1 month anniversary of DeltaEnjoyer (me lol) in the WFC!

Route: Bogota-Los Angeles
Plane: 787-8 Avianca, A320 Avianca, a321 American Airlines, 737-8 Delta
Server: Expert
When: 30th April, from 9:00 am ( Los Angeles time) to 9:00 am of 31th April
Duration: 24 hours

1)I’m not responsible for any violations
2) If there it’s ATC, follow the instructions. If not ATC, use Unicom professionally
3) Have fun!

Gate assignments
Terminal 1 Gate 50: @DeltaEnjoyer
Terminal 1 Gate 47:
Terminal 1 Gate 43:
Terminal 1 Gate 42:
Terminal 1 Gate 41:

See you in the event!

Pls join :slight_smile:


@lhr_pilot u should join

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I will not be joining


Ok sir

i aint even got a sub. does anyone on here even have one now?

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@Vamp only me for the moment

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yeah, I might get back for the first 2 months of summer for fun, It has been so long since I’ve played if I kinda wanna try it again.

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Infinite Flight didn’t changed a lot. They removed e195 and e170 even if no one asked. They will remove the Cessna citation x even if no one asked. But they added many liveries and airports and that its good.

Do u want to get a gate for the event?

no, I don’t have a sub and I’m not getting for until after I grad

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Ok sir

Since no one will join, I guess mods can close this?

@moderators can close this