World Flying Community Off-Topic Discussion (Part 2)

The most clickbait Aviation6 videos.











@Canadian_Aviator here you go.

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Very accurate list, Nice job.

How long did that take you??

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About 30 minutes.


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It’s not that bad. It took me 4 hours to do this topic.

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The fact you can make a full list and he has only been around for 10 months is depressing

I know right. If I wanted to I could make at least a 100 clickbait videos list.

Looks like I got tomorrow’s project

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Seriously though, if this guy is gonna be the next big IF you tuber we better prepare for this…

Well Aviator Dan is making more IF videos than he used to after he switched to MSFS.

That’s good

100%. He has 20K+ subs so yeah.

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He’s good at least, love to watch him. Although the other thing about Aviation6 is people treat him like he is a staff member or something that knows Everything

I know. It’s so annoying. With Dan people know he’s not a staff member. They treat him with respect but they don’t worship him like they do with Aviation6. He’s also funny.

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Also why do people think that av6 is always correct? This guy is almost always wrong

I know. I hate it.

If I had a dime for every time he gave a wrong answer, I would have more money from that than with @Adrian_K

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I would be a billionaire.

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idk why, but he is trying to become this official news source for IF…he ain’t though