World Flying Community Off-Topic Discussion (Part 18)

i still think 2019 was somewhere from “earlier this year” to 2 years ago

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@BonaireDude look what showed up

What the hell lmao.


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Do you guys ever forget to set the trim when flying irl? My arm hurts. :sob:

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There are a lot of those lol, other airlines too.

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Did NAPA change their logo? It looks so different…

Oh yeah, Air North operates a couple of 734/5/8s, which have SW seats in them, (It still has the old logo branded on the seats) even though none of the 737s ever operated for Southwest.

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I think new carti is better than the old one to me

I hated that squeaky voice

Like that one verse

“All of my friends is dead, leave ‘em in the cold put em in a tundra, I go Ray Charles, I cannot see her I make a fumble”

That is tuff asf

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Why do rappers speak English like 5 year olds?

I think it’s really based on the beat of the music and that specific pace. If it was slower than I don’t really think you can consider it to be apart of that genre. But it enhances you to listen carefully so yeah. Additionally there’s lyrics for a reason


To me it’s more easy to hear what they say once I read the lyrics


Another plane just crashed lol, never knew this was so common.

Y’all hear abt the Alaska max 9 incident

Yep we have, among others

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