World Flying Community New Feature Clues

Think outside the box, folks. :smirk:


I think there is another box outside that box

I still have no idea

Adrian, don’t keep insisting in that
He wouldn’t need the apple fella for that

We never know

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I mean I have blue and white in my Pfp but what is missing is the RED.

Idk maybe we’re getting an American flag theme
(Boo america sucks add the UK! Make america great again vote queen Elizabeth 2024 :uk:)



mov and mkv fit…

Don’t think it qould be mod if it is called a feature…

Obviously it is sky. Blue and white and 3 letter word

Or what if the answer if WFC. A new WFC. It technically is available day and night, it is blue and white, it is 3 letters long and it might get a new logo maybe. I’m speculating too much.


Still thinking that @GBKarp is becoming mod

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Is @GBKarp getting a new pfp? Hmm…

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I have no idea

Haha😂 Noone does even after the clues

Lol, the clues just beat around the bush

True enough

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Why do you insist it is related to me oh goodness

Morning btw

Gif pfps maybe

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Interesting thought