Tracking Other Members' Flights!

what is with all these random people arguing which caribbean/north atlantic airports are the best

Because tbh all of them suck ass

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YOU KNOW YOU'RE FROM CALIFORNIA WHEN... | California love, California, Words

Well vietnamese people say cali especially during phone calls, soooooooo


not Bermuda’s, Bermuda’s airport is good, its very modern and finally has kiosk check ins, separate security line for the US and everywhere else, pre departure customs for the United States meaning we skip the huge lines at customs in JFK and other huge east coast airports. huge windows in the airpot so tons of natural light and large enough to spot with none of those weird dots on it (looking at you dtw)

It didn’t already?

naw, our old terminals had such bad water damage from decades of hurricanes to safely install kiosks, instead we had a separate bag drop line after check in. you used to check in and get ur boarding pass, walk through customs, then drop of your checked bags if you had any, if you digit it was straight to security and then airside. our new one is so so so much better.

@Nugget the old terminal has been there since the age of seaplanes and zeppelins lol, its about 80 years old lol, it was ancient, it also kinda sucked, the new one is so much better

My dad is flying back home today on the long boi :smiley:

Just like LAX terminal 7

old, disgusting, and outdated but still likeable

unlike LAX though we got rid of the old terminal and only have good ones so TXKF is better than LAX. we also don’t have to deal with the loop lol

Imagine having less than 15 destinations

if it means we r not like lax, ill take it, I don’t wanna spend an hour on a loop to drop someone off at the airport. house to on the plane in bermuda can be done in 2 hours if ur pushing it. small airports overalll are just better, like bda>JFK, ont>lax, ege>den

Howdy all! Track me! Just departed Fort Lauderdale NK657


Is that a banana, plane, or pt cruiser

Pass. AA1289 from JFK to BDA on an aa 737max 8 on March 3rd 2023 is better

Bouta fly to jfk on aa1289

Forgot to mention the flight to steamboat bit I’m flying back tomorrow

I’m gonna eat up that cheese platter onb

Plane took off from ewr

Two days

i am NOT using flighty. fr24 on top