Show Off Your Model Planes!

Three Singaporeans, two Malaysians, two Australians, two Americans, one Boglander, one Hong Konger, one Thai, one Taiwanese


still have yet to see a Bermudair model. its on sight when I find one tho

If anyone is interested, I’m selling some models as I head off to college next year, please DM for pricing, pictures, and availability


Silver ATR-42
American Eagle - PSA E145
Sky West CRJ-700
American Eagle - Envoy E175
American 737-800
American 737-800 winglet logo
American 737-800 one world (hold)
American 737 max 8
JetBlue A320
Alaska 737-900
Alaska 737-900 HTWS
Alaska A321N
Delta CRJ-700 Sky West X2
Delta CRJ-900 Sky West
Delta 717
Delta A220-100
Delta A220-300
Delta A320 (sold)
Delta A321N
Delta A330-300
Delta A350-900 Delta Spirit
United CRJ-200 Evo
United E170 Rep Continental
United 737-700 Continental
United 737-800 Continental
United 737-800 Evo
United 737-800 Star Wars
United 737-900 Continental
United 757-200 Evo NG
United 757-200 Evo Gemini
United 757-300 Evo
United 767-400 Continental
Allegiant A319
Allegiant A320 Sharklets
Southwest 737-700 Canyon Blue X2
Southwest Louisiana One
Southwest Maryland One Heart
Southwest 737-800 Heart X3
Southwest 737 MAX 8 Heart
Frontier A321 Steve the Eagle
Play A320N
Emirates 77W Dubai Expo (Blue)
Qatar 77W
British 787-8
Lufthansa A380 (Removable wheels)
Atlas Air 747-400 interactive
FedEx MD-11

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4 dollars take it or leave it


I’ll up it to 5 bucks, a twix bar and 3 fireball shooters.

international shipping.

i can throw in a few kind bars as well

funny enough these r the only 2 models I have with me in the US at college lmao