Yeah I think some people might care a little bit

YOU clearly didn’t get it

Yeah I know what you mean, I’m just playing dumb. And Carti better

we get it already

I don’t think u do

Keep it alive

Any1 out there like that song called ‘candy shop’? (By 50 Cent)
I mean its prby only good if you have a massive bass booster (Well ofc lol)… but still just wondering xD

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I listen to it sometimes, I still prefer Wlr tho

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YESSS!! That is the coolest song eveerrr

You should make music, lol.

Just don’t end up like that weird af Polar person, lmao.

i tried and failed

Cat music.

daxe kill shot

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All mid cause Destroy lonely is dropping No Stylist tonight

It’s already out In NZ lmao


Spelling 100