Model Airport Empires 2

any virgin flight on that day?

(never flown virgin, want to try)

Closest Virgin flight to 12:30 is at 11:45PM

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(Previous Day)

ok i’ll take that

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Which class? We offer all execpt First

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Sure, any food preferences?

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vegetarian, no mushrooms

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is it going to be A350?

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@ethan so…ls my booking confirmed?

yes, i have class irl

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Delta would be great.

We’ll go through all Tokyo airports

United for both.

Tokyo Air Hawaii

Sounds great, we’ll take the 2x ANA

Sorry for late response btw


It’s alright

Lol I don’t do bda, I do KVMP, I’d u wanna do KVMP u good to do it but for TXKF that’s not me

imma buy TXKF

i mean im canada so

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i already booked one :slight_smile:

We already owned them as a primary hub

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