Local Slang

And a jit is basically just a friendly way of calling someone a fool

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here its either Pappu or Rahul Gandhi

Y’all is not a racial slang


BMW = :fried_egg: , because most BMW’s are old and used only guys Who want to have drip

You add " 's " to everything, Meijer’s, D&W’s, Aldi’s, Potbelly’s, etc

Also, a carbonated beverage IS A POP

That’s something that happens all across the country I think

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It’s definitely soda

It is pop

It is soda

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its definitely not a pop, you guys are just weird. call it normally. everyone else in the world laughs at you.

no its not

It is soda you uncultured swine



I’m bored and want to hear what you have to say.

Is soda or is it pop? Choose wisely or I might go for your kneecaps.


Turd me up

Soda, in bermuda, CT and NH

Go for my kneecaps, I don’t care, BUT IT IS POP

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If you don’t bend your knees I will bend them for you

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Lil sus there

I already have one bad kneecap so please don’t go for the other one

It is soda btw