How to start a YT channel... Full Guide

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Have you ever wanted to create videos like the ones you see, it may seem very complex to think about. But with a bit of help and practice you’ll be pushing vids out all the time.

Creating channel

  1. First make a google account, the names or email doesn’t matter as it will not be the name of your channel.
  2. After you have an account, go to and sign in by clicking on the top right.
  3. Create a channel name. Before you make your channel name search on YT to make sure the name isn’t already taken. Also make sure the name somewhat shows the overall channel.

Preparing to make first video

This can be tricky as it is your first time uploading to YT. Try to find a video editor that works well for you. And make sure you don’t mess up the video. And also be sure to make the video intriguing to viewers so they become interested in your channel.

Uploading video

Now that you have your video all set, go back to YT and click on the film icon, this will take to YT-studio. Then click upload file and open the video file. Now your video should begin uploading. Note that the time may vary depending on the video, the device, and WiFi. So don’t be worried if you have to let it upload the whole night. Also note your video will not upload when the device is turned off. After your video is done uploading you can add a title and description, remember not use language in your title or description. You will see a blue button on the bottom left (only if your on a pc) click that button and you will see add end screen and add cards. Because you just started this channel you will not need to do this, one you make your second video then you can start. The end screen is what pops up at the end and shows other videos on your channel. The cards are the white boxes that pop up during the video and say recommend-(something). Now you can post your video, you have 3 options, private, link, or public. Private means it’s just for you to watch. Link gives people with the link ability to watch it. And public gives anyone who sees the video the opportunity to watch it.
If you are going on YT to make money you will have to work your way up first, once you reach 1K subs and other criteria you will be able to implement adds into your video.

Channel Settings

If you go to your channel settings you will be able to add a channel description and add links, channel banner, and icon.

If you need help with anything else please ask!

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