Food Debate

0 clue what that means and I’m not translating it

Balut is egg… duck egg

Never heard of it

Ok I changed my vote since I don’t want Duck Eggs :joy:

Sounds like some sort of response in another language

Nope, just duck egg

That’s like Quail eggs. Does anyone actually eat those?


Best Type of Cooked Eggs

  • Scrambled
  • Sunny Side Up
  • Fried
  • Boiled
  • Deviled
  • Omelet
  • Over Easy

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I’m hungry now

Scrambled ftw

Boiled aren’t bad either
Not a fan of Sunny Side up tho

I eat boiled sometimes but scrambled is best

Tomatoes on burgers?

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No
  • Yuck

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Are you
  • Vegetarian
  • Non-Vegetarian
  • Vegan

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i seriously dont get what you guys are discussing about…

i’m gonna make some real quick and try it

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oh my god never again, ew


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Yeah Eggs and ketchup are bad enough, then you go and add salsa

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