Design Your Own Airline Or Repaint An Existing One

That gives me an idea….


Pretty much every IF player be like

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except u

That looks hot as f##k! :star_struck: :fire: :heart_eyes:

I’ll do you one better



And me.

Like seriously, IF doesn’t have such realistic physics, so it isn’t even that hard…


what is that

Could you add a 777 nose to a 767?

the 777 has a 767 nose…

No it doesn’t…

it does…

Show me the facts.

The 777 was developed as a wider 767. The nose (and really general design) is the same/similar.


I know.

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have any of you idiots tried overlapping the image :skull:

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I certainly don’t have the skill for that. Overlapping them would require cutting the smaller of the two, and attempt to line it up over tge other image.


sorry that the angle isnt perfect, closest i found after 3 minutes of searching (since i didnt wanna search any more than that) :man_shrugging:

but I’ll gladly do it for you

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