aka tiny little pieces of crap

no lol

Still are busses and are still better than yours

are they airconditioned?
do they de-humidify the air?
do they have forced ventilation?
are they connected to a digital payment system?
are they big?

Most vehicles and buildings in developed nations have air conditioning. It’s really not something that’s special anymore.

That’s sorta the main point of A/C.

It’s kinda impossible to have a cooling system that doesn’t force air. That’s the only way you’ll get it out of the compressor.

It’s a bus. Buses are big. Even small buses are big vehicles.

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yes and no
there are some that do not do that

not in that sense
but nevermind

that type of system is common on local trains
i’ll try to take a pic the next time a board one

there are some minibuses that are not big

Then it’s not air conditioning. I know, we use the other system (known as a swamp cooler here) on my house. It’s mostly common is super dry areas like here and it functions in exactly the opposite way of an A/C system. A/C dries the air and thus makes it cooler especially in humid areas where as the other system blows air over cooled water and puts a little bit of moisture into whatever it is cooling. A/C is a smaller system to package (because a water cooler system requires a fairly large tray of water, water circulation, and a large fan) which is why you see it on vehicles regardless of where it is

Basically, if it doesn’t dry the air to cool it, it’s not actually A/C.

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its a cooler/blower
that is fairly common system used here in tandem with ac to blow the cooled air into the cabin or it is used alone with the ac turned off once the desired temp. is reached, after which it’ll just blow air into the cabin

That’s just a fan. It’s exactly the same as what you get on a car. It cools the air by circulating it (drawing air in, and then pushing air out through separate vents). More modern systems can better regulate temperature through the use of electronic sensors that will open the flaps on the HVAC unit if it gets warmer than the set temp and closing them if it gets too cold. Older systems are constantly taking in air, which in some ways makes them better (it’s also why you’ll see a recirculate button on slightly older cars to stop the draw of fresh air if needed while maintaining the fan), but also means that temperature varies more so depending on fan speed.

It’s more so about creating airflow to cool the space rather than actually cooling the air specifically. It functions the same way as a box fan or a breeze on a warm day.

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b.e.s.t would probably get electric volvo bzl double deckers and a bunch of euro 6 volvo b8l double deckers

imagine how cool that would be
london style buses in mumbai
and they’ll be low floor, a first for mumbai, apart from the tata hybrids

they are currently hunting for double deckers

This is commonly used and the older system is also found on some vehicles

Slightly off topic, but the heating system functions in a similar way. Instead of the fan pulling air directly from outside (and through a filter if the vehicle has one), it pulls the outside air over a mini radiator that’s full of hot engine coolant which then heats the air before it’s blown into the cabin. It’s for this reason that if your engine is running hot you can cool it down a bit by cranking the heater up as pulls the colder air over the heater core cools the engine coolant down.

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Tata Starbus 9m BS6 CNG, Olectra K9D, Ashok Leyland REULE, Volvo 8400 Euro6/BS6

New buses in Mumbai operated b TMT (Thane Municipal Transport)