767 vs 787

It kinda does, damn I guess it’s ugly on the inside and outside l. Thanks for giving me another reason to hate it ig

Bruh, stop trolling…

Well now that I have flown on both planes, I can safely say that I think that the 787 is better


Both are fine ig.

I’m being serious. I hate the color of the panels. Also screens make everything look less compact and the hud on the 787 looks sick. Plus on the outside I dispose the 767-300s length, and I hate it with or without the winglets on it. The -200 and - 400 are way better looking on the outside


I will never get over just how bad of a job Air Canada did on the 787. Air Canada has been the only airline I have flown the 787 with(4x) as my WestJet flights were canceled.
Also not a fan of the fact that the fa can lock the windows in dim

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I think the the 787 is a good looking aircraft but I have seen and flown many 767s and I think is a good looking aircraft I like the 200,300,and 400 but the 400 seems a bit out of place with it’s 777 style wingtips.

I like the colors of the panels share by the 757,777,and 747-400
the 767 a plane often overlooked but I really like it, would always look forward to flying it even when i was really young