World Flying Community Off-Topic Discussion (Part 3)

I’d wait for the rework to come out


I’ve had the plane for over a year. Never knew they were reworking it though. I just updated it to 1.3.30 today.

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Good news just found out my Dad has a barely used camera I could use for plane spotting. Should’ve found out about it much earlier

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is that a ford escort rs200?

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who’s dua lipa?

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me watching fire trucks, ambulances and police cars respond cuz fire next to my house :-

franchesca ramsey popcorn GIF by chescaleigh


me not knowing wtf is happening


i wonder how many mods are online rn

no he’s a leader

i thought Mod = Leader

It landed on you. Not next to you. This is you currently:

on fire flame GIF by No Mercy Video

me right now
Captain America Laughing GIF by mtv

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No no no, you right now

Tired Pool Party GIF by Looney Tunes

ehh close enough

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any mods?

it’s near my house

i’m on laptop rn

he meant that i was sleeping