World Flying Community Off-Topic Discussion (Part 2)



I mean, this ship literally has a Roller Coaster on it

Hi Ed!


Glad to hear! I’m good, I have a four day weekend (probably 5 because of snow) so I’ll work a lot on my two airplanes in development! :smiley:


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Hey! How are you? C:


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I’m doin fine. How bout you?

Glad to hear! I’m good! I’m too cold tho :cold_face:

what’s the weather there?

Same here.

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lol why is everyone cold im fine

Currently 30 degrees here.

but that’s pretty ho… ah yes u use ur stupid ºF

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34 degrees here. (1 C) :cold_face:

It’s gonna get down to 10 degrees on Monday.

And we have a 72% chance of Snow on Monday.

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even in ºC that’s cold so yea…