With regards to the VA category

Is it strictly for IFVARB approved VAs, or is it for all?

I think non-approved VAs are also allowed, but I am not sure

Let’s let a mod clear it up

I’ll let @CaptainZac answer.

The VA category can be for all IFVARB and non-IFVARB approved. My only thing is is that I’m not sure how advertising goes with this stuff. That, I would ask @anon94363592, who is more experienced.

The rule I attached above is the rule that I’m not sure is applied to here. Again, @anon94363592 Is the owner of a VA, hope you can answer that one better than I can. All I can answer is yes, if it is approved or not approved they can post here.

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Thanks Zac!

Both IFVARB approved and non-approved VA/VOs may post in the #virtual-airlines category, provided they follow the forums guidelines.

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