What's the Correct procedure departing TLV runway 12?

So do you taxi Via K on to 8 and use the full length?
Or do you takeoff at W4?

I need to know. and if we use the first one do we use “requesting permission to cross 8”?

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@Aviation2929 you’re going to want to taxi via K.

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Ok, so when you go to takeoff, do you ask to cross 8 or just takeoff and hope you dont get a violation

No. Just announce (unicom) or request (active ATC) takeoff.

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What happens if I do that and get a level 3 while IFATC is there, just add you to the message and say this is the correct procedure

Because I feel like it might happen idk why lol

I mean, you shouldn’t be reported for it. You’re not crossing a runway. Using taxiway K is a valid intersection departure.

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Ok, thanks!

No worries!

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