VAHost - The Easiest Way To Host VANet And Flare Crew Center For Free

Welcome To VAHost - The Easiest Way To Host Your Flare Crew Center!

Let’s face it, hosting your crew center for your virtual airline is hard. With VAHost, we do the entire VANet and Flare crew center installation process for you! Its super easy and 100% free!

We were founded to make the process of hosting your crew center easy. Not everyone is familiar with code and a hosting platform, so we do everything for you. Support is easy! You can reach out to us down below, or using the contact us/forum on our site for any questions.

The process is super easy and 100% free!


Head to our store to request your very own free build of Flare Crew Center. One it is purchased, we will be in contact with you between the Infinite Flight Community or our personal community forum.


Customize your entire Flare website with us alongside of you to make sure your pilots will love your new high-tech crew center!


Our service is 100% free! There are no hidden fees anywhere. If you have questions about how our system works, please use the community forum page for help!

Getting the system is easy! Just navigate to our website and head to the “Host” tab. Once there, you can choose the free version, the Gold version (which includes upgraded features), or buy a custom domain.

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VANet Developed By @KaiM and @rebal15 (1)


Well, I ordered, let’s see your expertise zac! :smiley:

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Wrong zach… i am just Zac :slight_smile:

Umm, pretend you didn’t see that :shushing_face::sweat_smile:

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Also, make sure to read the instructions given in the image after confirmation.

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Oh wowww

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Was it sent to my email or phone number?

It was a download avalible on the confirmation page

Wow cool

Cool. This might be useful later on!

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