Trip To Colombia

The Trip

I’m currently in Columbia right now and I’ll get back to that later. First it started with the hassle of packing with one bag because they have no big rental cars in Columbia. MST10:00PM-Left house to go the Airport(PHX). 1:00AM-Borded American Airlines special TWA-7378, first time on this Special. It was night until we got to about 40min out of MIA. Here’s a picture of are plane at MIA.

After that it was to the Admirals lounge.
Almost fell asleep as I was really tired.
From the lounge I saw how bad the ground crew are, this guy is talking while a 777 was waiting to come in. The pilot got ticked and went full power into the gate. :joy: Very Loud
And that wasn’t it. A fire alarm went of, like just perfect you know.
Here’s a video of the sound on my YT channel

After that got on the flight to CTG. It was also on a 7378 but I got a better seat and better sleep. This flight was little shorter. I wasn’t able to get any pictures at the airport, but it was way different then in the USA, stair trucks for Front and Rear exits, Columbia also takes Covid more strictly, full hazmat suits at the airport. Shoe Cleaning, and lots of Hand Sanitizer. Rental car was a hassle, not near the airport so had to get a Van. The hotel is nice, I’m currently seating on the bed. I only have videos so if you stay tuned to my YT channel you’ll see a video on it once I return to PHX in 7 Days. Here is the only picture I have of the hotel, one of the pools.

Things to know if you want to travel to Columbia

No covid test required for entry but there are lots of temperature checks everywhere you go.
I would feel safe if your scared of Covid as they do a better job than the U.S. There are some issues travels should know though-Depending on the city you go to be careful, I am in the “safest city in Columbia” there are lots of Police around, but still take precautions such as dressing casual and not taking any cameras other than your phone. If your from America you everyone will stare at you if you go to a market so I wouldn’t go to one, feels very weird. Also a lot of people will be walking around trying to sell you stuff, just ignore them, if you do buy something make sure your not scammed. Another good thing is make sure you have exact cash as many people who sell stuff on the streets don’t have change. Some things I have seen today-Someone scammed me for water bottles, a person acted like Michael Jackson :joy:…etc, a lot of hats though.
Best way of transport would be a Taxi or rental car or walking. Taxis are over 50% less than in America, took a taxi for what would cost over 100$ in America and only costed 50$ here.
If you have any other questions please let me know! :slight_smile:


Sorry for the question but where is Columbia? Is it Colombia, British Columbia?

Great text though

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I think he means Colombia, the country


The voice with the alarm sounds a bit like the voice on the train at DIA that says “The doors are closing, please stand clear and hold on for departure to all A, B and C gates.”


Wow!! Nice trip tips

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Thanks, I am currently at my next hotel

Enjoy my friend!

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