Show Off Your Model Planes!

if my little brother did that id give him a closed casket funeral.

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767 wings going full Dreamliner style

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I cracked up when I saw it. :joy:

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Not the 732, but something(s) a little smaller

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You made Juegos sad :cry:

Tiny Bois

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Yay American Eagle ERJ-145

Too bad it’s not the old livery, still cool though

Id love to see the retro livery on the 145 someday

Edits my post

Thought it said 135 lol

Yeah makes more sense now that it’s not (cause you got the 145)

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Yeah :sweat_smile:, it was 50-50 between you actually saying it was the 35, or a misclick with the 45

Yeah I just saw 135 for some reason :joy:

Christmas Eve models


It’s so perfect 🥲


I like :star_struck:

@DeltaDev13 nice red A320 :star_struck:

Why is this so inactive :cry:

Where do you buy these models, I’m curious and would love to have some?

I bought mine from a shop in LA, but you can order them online

BA 777-200ER Great Britain Livery, 1:200

Beautiful livery

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