Saturday Night Live | Hosted By John Krasinski | Performance By Machine Gun Kelly | Season 46 Episode 10

Good Saturday night everybody! Tonight, Saturday night live is back with another episode. After almost a one and a half months hiatus and a break for their cast members, they are getting back at it and Iā€™m sure they will come back stronger than ever. It is on tonight at 11:30 PM on NBC. Hope to see you all watching!

Fun fact: I wants took a tour of NBC studios and was actually in the Saturday night live theater :wink:

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SEASON 46 :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:

The show has been going since 1975

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OH MY GOD! Thatsssss soooo longggg

anyways great show!

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8 minutes until showtime. This will be closed during any political skits so we can keep the civilized.

Politics. Will be open soon