Poll-itely Helping The Community

This game is I guess opinion based. If there’s a question you need answering, then ask it here and put a poll up and see what the WFC has to say! Hopefully this will be fun and help some people out maybe…

Basically ask any question and see. Just an idea I had you know.

I’ll start!

Should Kathmandu get a new runway/airport?
  • Yes, both
  • No, neither
  • New airport
  • New runway

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Vote away!

Ps. Sorry for the cringy pun in the name of this topic.

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New airport for sure

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Feel free to post your own polls here

I really like this, @Errigal!

I guess I should go?

Should people stop hating Newark (EWR/KEWR)?

  • Yes
  • Definitely!
  • No, it sucks

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This poll is violating the preference of Newark Haters, we request you to delete it before we suspend you permanently.

[Chief Moderator]:sweat_smile:

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Chief of Regulars. :see_no_evil:

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I know, i just felt encouraged today so i made a tiny change :laughing::rofl::rofl:

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Do you want me to close the poll? :joy:

Yes for god sake pliz

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Done. Your welcome.

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All fixed. Mod powers to the rescue

Thank you so much

Dammit, Zac!

Do moderators have the power to unlock it? I’m not 100% sure

Yes, we do. I’ll leave it, though.

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Why does no one want to keep Kathmandu the way it is?
It’s unique and crazy to land/takeoff at

The terminal is a mess

There’s one simple problem and that’s space.