Please Join The WFC Zoom!

I hope you have seen in the topic about the moderator late night, please feel free to join the zoom. We really really want everyone that can make it to be in the zoom. If you’re not feel comfortable, it will also be life streamed on YouTube, and the comment section is all yours to ask questions. Thank you. The link for the zoom is down below

Feel free to use this thread as the opportunity to ask questions

What time is it supposed to be at?

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Zoom starts 5-10mins before then

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2020-11-23T01:00:00Z please join if your able to 5-10 min prior to the event. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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I’d love to join but it’s too late for me. Can next time be at around 2300Z?

Next time it will most likely be on a weekend. This week is a little bit more tricky because this is a weekend night for me because I have no school this week for Thanksgiving. I will look into different times and do a vote for the time next time.


Brazil hás no Thanksgiving

We do have loads of holidays but not Thanksgiving

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Hey y’all, anyone who joins the zoom will get 15% off anything from the WFC store!

Is the zoom open?

It opens at 2020-11-23T00:50:00Z

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Alrighty cool! I’ll be there!

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Hey everyone, if you can’t join the zoom, you can join the YouTube live which is linked in the topic that is pinned about late night with moderators! Hope to see you all in the chat

Question, what’s the meeting code?

Code here

Successful I would say!